Redevelopment and securing of the roof of the Villino Crespi in Rome

Redevelopment and securing of the roof of the Villino Crespi in Rome


The intervention concerns the updating and revision of the executive design, safety coordination, construction management and accounting, for the redevelopment of the roof of the Villino Crespi, located in Rome in the Nomentano district.
Currently, the real estate compendium was born from the merger of two buildings:
- Villa Crespi, an Art Nouveau villa built in the early 1900s with a regular rectangular plan, richly decorated in the external elevations (floors marked by imposing bands stringcourse), as in the internal environments, which is divided into a basement level, three upper levels above ground and an attic floor, all concluded by a pitched roof;
- Added in the 1930s, there is a further wing, located to the east, also rectangular in shape, devoid of the same architectural and artistic richness as the first, which is spread over three levels connected by an internal staircase.
The property subject to the intervention is subject to the Protection of Cultural Heritage.
The design solution is the result of a careful verification and revision of the technical-design and economic contents of the executive project drawn up in 2016, with respect to the current state of consistency of the parts of the work affected by the intervention.

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Istituti Riuniti Azienda di Servizi alla Persona (I.R.ASP)

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