Cicle path in the railway area Milan Porta Genova

Cicle and pedestrian path in the railway area

Milano Porta Genova, LOMBARDIA (ITALY)

Following the closure for security reasons of the historic "bridge of artists", the Ferrovie dello Stato Group in agreement with the Municipality of Milan has been promoted the build of a pedestrian crossing that brings together the neighborhoods Porta Genova area with the Savona-Tortona way. The crossing is located in the part of the unused area of trains transit, enjoying a strategic position compared to the intense pedestrian flows that characterize this city area.
The design solution , from the compositional point of view, wants to establish a strong link with the railway sector and ideally conceive the crossing as an extension of the urban texture inside it, imagining a sort of fusion of one into the other, canceling the caesura effect that notoriously generates in the urban texture the presence of a railway infrastructure, but transforming the railway area itself on the occasion of mending, thanks to the reconversion of the constructive elements characteristic of railway systems in architectural objects of an urban context.
Conceptually, the tracks are contracted rising to form portals where they meet the route of the crossing to wrap it and contain it within them. The chromatic contrast of materials (Corten steel, pressed perforated sheets, stone paving) and plays of light define geometries, textures and spatiality of the areas.

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